What we have done so far:
​·Started a computer lab and library at Future Leaders UCC.

· Sent two shipments of donations by cargo ship to Ghana totally 120 boxes of: text books, school supplies, clothes, back packs, reading books and more.

· Donated $2,500 to Future Leaders to build a fence around the property where they will be building a new children’s center.

· Found a wheelchair for a woman in Ghana who could not walk and had been crawling on the ground.

·Paid the school fees for a year for a girl living in a slum near the capital city of
Accra Ghana, called La.

​· Traveled to Ghana 4 times bringing suitcases full of donation: clothes, school supplies, back packs, shoes and toys.

· Provided a motor scooter for Billa Mahmud in Ghana so that he could distribute and manage micro finance business helping women in extreme poverty start businesses of their own.

· Provided 8 sewing machines, power converters, fabric and sewing notions to give employment to women living in extreme poverty in teshie, Ghana

·Provided diapers and wipes to the orphanage, Mogra Children’s Center in Kenya

​ · Provided sanitary pads and toothpaste to the teenage girls living at the Mogra Children’s Center in Kenya.

​ · Volunteered helping care for babies at Mogra Orphanage

Found new homes for 75 bags of coats collected from school lost and founds. Coats went to: homeless families in Reston, VA, Refugees from Darfur arriving in Maryland,